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My Story

I started on my journey to clean living 18 years ago.  My daughter entered the world at the same time my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.  Both events made me start paying more attention to my health but it was a couple years later, when my daughter developed respiratory and skin issues, that I really began my deep dive.  I was looking for answers and solutions.  I was determined to find out what caused her illness and find a safe, natural way to heal her.  I spent hours upon hours reading and researching.  What I found was that everything we breathe in, put in our mouth and on our skin affects our overall health.  When you think about that for a moment, you realize how many aspects of your daily living that affects.  I started reading labels and


researching ingredients.  Let me tell you, I wasn't prepared for what I learned!  There are so many chemicals with adverse reactions added to the food we eat and the products we use.  Some of these chemicals are even banned in other countries because they're known carcinogens!  So, I started making changes to what we ate and the products we used.  It took time, and plenty of trial and error but it was worth it.  Not only did my daughter's health issues disappear, but I lost 75 lbs along the way!  It has been a long journey but I am the healthiest and happiest I've ever been (my daughter too).  I am constantly being asked how I did it and what products I use.  So, I decided to create a blog so I can share everything I've learned in one place.  I don't claim to be an expert nor do I hold any certifications.  I am simply a mom who was determined to heal her sweet little girl, and who is now passionate about helping others live the healthiest life they can.  I can't wait for you to see how easy it actually is to start your own journey to living clean!  

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